The Snowflake Syndrome

As per Wikipedia: “Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a neologistic term used to characterize the young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. The term is considered derogatory”. As a matter of fact, I really don’t give a shit that the term “generation snowflake” is consider derogatory. Why? Because it explains a lot to me. Plus I have to add, that as of January 31, 2018, I decided to completely stop using what I love to call “anti-social networks”… except for this here crazy and insane blog of mine. Why? Because they are full of fucking stupid oversensitive people and snowflakes that can’t handle the truth and reality like the rest of us.

Hey look! I suffer from bipolar II disorder, OCD and social anxiety disorder. But the truth of the matters is, that I am not a big fat baby when it comes to life and reality. At a very young age, I learned to deal with life and the many problems that come with it, just like the older generations did. I just find it so fucking incredible, that there are entire generations of people out there, that are so fucking oversensitive and who don’t know how to deal with life, because maybe, just maybe, their parents were way too overprotective of them. I remember back in my days, that if another kid tried to bully another kid around, they would get into a fight. Trust me, one kid tried that shit with me in school and all he got from me was a busted lip and a trip to the school nurse.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

My No Movement Movement

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! You read the tittle right! You see… I’m going to start a movement without any movement. Why? Because that is the flavor of the month. Are you sad? Start a movement! Are you happy? Start a movement! Do you suck as a human being? Start a movement! Are you a very involved slacktivist? Start a movement! Are you an armchair activist? What the fuck! Just start a fucking movement! OK, sooooo I know that by now, my loyal 1.5 readers are asking themselves. Where is this crazy ass guy with a blog going with this? Well, in my personal opinion, I think that today’s society is just full of big fat fucking babies! Everything stinks to them, nothing smells good.

Hey look, people have the right to start movements whenever the fuck they want to. It’s just that people really have to grow the fuck up, grow some hairy ass balls and learn how to deal with life as grown ups, like we used to do back in my days. Some people really believe, that if they start a dumb-ass hashtag in what I love to call an antisocial networking site, they will change the world from the comfort of their home or office. My point of view is, that grown ass people have to learn how to let go of shit and move on, if that doesn’t work, then get professional help and go on crazy meds. But the sad reality is, that so many parents have taught their kids… who are adults now, how to bitch and moan when they don’t like something. Please people, just learn how to change the fucking channel and move on. I know everyone wants change, but a dumb and stupid hashtag is not going do shit for a cause! Oh crap! I almost forgot! Spread the word… #NoMovementMovement

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!